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The 7 Characteristics of Good Domain Names


The 7 Characteristics of Good Domain Names

Domain names are the real estate of the Internet. Just as a good location is vital for a bricks and mortar business, a good domain name will be the corner stone of your website’s success. But how to identify them? Below you will find the 7 characteristics of good domain names.


1. They are short

Good domain names are short. It is not a coincidence that all the three-letter and four-letter .com domains are already gone, and that the five-letter ones are going fast as well.

There is no definite number of characters that you should aim for, just remember that the shorter the better. If you really need some guidance, try to go below 10 characters, and never exceed 20.

As for the number of words, one-word domains are gold, two-word ones are good, three-word domains are average, and above that it is usually a bad idea.

Example: Quotes.com is a superb domain and probably worth millions of dollars. ProQuotes.com is a good two-word domain worth thousands of dollars. ProQuotesNow.com is an average domain and could be used for a website. YourProQuotesNow.com is plain worthless.

2. They are easy to remember

Many Internet users do not use bookmarks. They just memorize the domains of their favorite websites and type them whenever they wan to visit one. Guess what, if your domain is complex and not easy to remember you will lose these visitors along the way.

Example: Brcwr.com is a short domain name, but is not easy to remember at all, so it would be a bad idea to use it for your website (unless the initials represent the name of the website or a memorable message).

3. They are easy to spell

The last thing you want is visitors misspelling your domain and ending up somewhere else.

Avoid unusual foreign words, words that have complex pronunciation, strange combinations of letters and anything else that might cause someone to misspell your address.

Example: CappuccinoBar.com might be problematic for English speaking visitors. Cappuccino is an Italian word, and not everyone is aware where the doubles are placed.

4. They have a .com extension

Organizations might prefer to register a .org domain, and companies targeting very specific geographical regions might want to register a local domain (e.g. .it, .co.uk, .cn and so on). Apart from these cases, however, a .com domain is always the best way to go. This extension is the most popular around the around, and it is already stuck in people’s mind.

Visitors coming to your site via search engines or organic links will pay attention mostly to the name and not to the URL. The next time they want to visit your site it is very likely that they will just type its name followed by a .com. Guess what, if you are not there when they hit enter they will just go somewhere else.

Example: Darren Rowse created his popular blog on Problogger.net. Despite having a strong brand, some visitors were still going to Problogger.com. After a couple of years Darren decided to buy the .com version for $5,000 and redirect it to his site, so that no more visitors would leak.

5. They are descriptive

Many visitors will come to your site through the search engines and via direct links on other websites. That is, they will come if the domain that they will see will be appealing.

Having a descriptive domain name will give visitors an idea of what your site is about even before they enter it. If related keywords are present in the domain it might also help your search engine rankings.

Example: You would be able to guess what TelevisionGuides.com is about even before visiting it right?

Put it in another way. Suppose you are searching for a movie review. You make a quick search in Google. The first result comes from MikesLair.com. The second result comes from MoviesCentral.com. Which one would you rather click?

6. Or brandable

A brandable domain will have a nice pronunciation, an interesting combination of letters or simply an appealing visual effect. Sometimes they will not be descriptive, but they can be equally efficient.

Brandable domains will make your visitors associate the name with your website and its content. (Notice that brandable domains can be descriptive at the same time, but that is not always the case.)

Example: Kotaku.com is one of the most popular gaming blogs on the Internet. The domain is not descriptive at all, but the brand is so strong that gamers immediacy recognize it across the web.

7. They don’t contain hyphens or numbers

Domain names containing hyphens and numbers are cheaper for a reason. They suffer the same problem of domains not using a .com extension or with complex spelling.

Consider Tech-World.com. The names that will stick in people’s mind are “tech” and “world.” Many visitors will just forget the hyphen along the way. Eventually they will try to access your site by typing TechWorld.com, in vain.

Numbers, on the other hand, will confuse people with the spelling. Suppose you registered Tech5.com. Visitors might mix it with TechFive.com, if they manage to remember the number in the first place!

Example: Coolest-Gadgets.com is an extremely popular gadget blog, with over 70,000 RSS subscribers. With such a huge readership you get people often typing the domain directly on the address bar. Needless to say that many of them would just forget to add the hyphen. The owner of the site bought CoolestGadgets.com afterwards to fix the problem.

Final remark

Do not get discouraged if your current domain doesn’t have all these characteristics; or if you can’t find one that does. These are just factors that you should consider when evaluating domain names.

There are plenty of examples of popular websites with domain names that lack in one or two points covered on the list. Just make sure that your domain has most of the characteristics and you should be fine.

The 7 Characteristics of Good Domain Names


Traveler IQ Challenge


This Traveler IQ challenge is brought to you by the Web's Original Travel Blog 

Traveler IQ Challenge




南无佛 南无法 南无僧 南无救苦救难观世音菩萨
怛(da)垤(zhi)哆(duo) ?(om) 伽(qie)?(la)伐(fa)哆(duo)

伽(qie)?(la)伐(fa)哆(duo) 伽(qie)诃(he)伐(fa)哆(duo)

?(la)伽(qie)伐(fa)哆(duo) ?(la)伽(qie)伐(fa)哆(duo) 娑(suo)婆(po)诃(he)
天罗神 地罗神 人离难 难离身 一切灾殃化为尘





原文地址:How to discover your life purpose in about 20 minutes

作者:Steve Pavlina


或许你是虚无主义者,你认为人生根本没有什么目标,也没有任何意义。没关系,认为人生没有目标并不会阻碍你找到人生的目标,那就像不相信万有引力学 说的人也同样会摔倒一样。不认为人生有目标的人可能需要更长的时间来找到你的人生目标,因此如果你属于这类人,你只需将这篇文章题目以及文章中的20分钟 改为40分钟(如果你实在是非常顽固的话,最好改为60分钟 :) )。最有可能的是,如果你认为人生没有目标,那么你将很有可能认为我所说的是荒谬的,但即便是这样,投入一个小时来尝试一下对你会有什么损失?

下边是一个关于李小龙所做的一个演示的故事。一位武术大师向李小龙请教,他想让李小龙教会他李小龙的全部功夫。李小龙拿出两个装满水的杯子,“ 这第一杯水,”李小龙说,“代表着你所会的全部功夫,这第二杯水代表着我所会的全部功夫。如果你想将第二杯水全部倒入第一个杯子中,你必须先把第一个杯子 中的水全部倒光。”

如果你想找到你真正的人生目标,那你就必须首先清除你心中所有错误的目标( 这也包括你可能没有任何目标)。

那么怎样才能找到你的人生目标呢?虽然有很多方法可以做到,但是有一些方法非常烦杂,我所要介绍的方法任何人都可以轻易的做到。你在使用该方法时越 坦率,越希望它能够有效,你就能越快的找到你的人生目标。但是如果你对它不坦率或者你对它有疑问,亦或者你认为它完全是一个白痴且没有任何意义,纯粹是在 浪费时间,这也不会影响它起作用,只要你能够一直坚持着做下去,同样的,这只会增加你完成它所需要的时间。


  1. 拿出几张空白的纸或者打开一个文字处理软件(我比较倾向于后者,因为它比较快捷)
  2. 在纸的顶部或者文档的顶部写上:“我真正的人生目标是什么?”
  3. 写下你脑海中最先想到的一个答案(任何一个答案都行)。这个答案不必是一个完整的句子,一个简单的短语就好
  4. 重复第三个步骤,直到当你写出一个答案时,你会为之而惊叫,那它就是你的目标了。

就是这样一个简单的方法,无论你是律师还是工程师,亦或者是健身教练它都会有效。对一部分人来说这个方法会起到效果,但是另外一部分人却会认为它是 如此的愚蠢。通常它需要花费15-20分钟的时间来理顺你头脑中混杂的、被周围环境影响的人生目标,错误的答案会从你的心里和记忆中不断的冒出,但是当正 确的答案最终出现的时候,你就感觉到它好像来自于一个与其他完全不同的地方,这才是你的答案。

对于一些意识不很高的人来说,它可能需要更长的时间来将错误的答案排除,这可能会需要超过一个小时的时间。但是如果你能够坚持做下去,在你写出来 100-200个,甚至500个答案后,你定能够找到那个令你兴奋的答案,找到它之后你就可以停止下来。如果你不能按照我说的做的话,那么看起来它对你将 会是那么的愚蠢。即便它看起来是那么的好笑,但是无论如何你都要去试一试。



你可能也会发现一些答案会使你感到些许的兴奋,但是它们不会让你为之惊叫??它们只会让你感到一点心动。在你做这个测试的过程中给这些答案做个标 记,当你回过头来看它们的时候你会产生新的一系列答案。每一个答案都反映着你的一部分目标,但是它们每一个又都不是你最终目标。当你开始得到这些答案时, 那就说明你正在逐步接近正确的答案,坚持的做完这个测试。


当我做这个测试时,大概花费了25分钟,我在第106步时找到了我的最终答案。其中一些答案(让我感到一点心动的)在第17步、39步和53步中出 现,接着我的人生目标逐渐的明显,经过第100到106步的提炼,我得到了最终的答案。我在第55步到60步之间有了退却的感觉(想停下来做其他的事情, 认为这个测试会失败,感到很不耐烦甚至很恼火),在第80步我闭上我的眼睛间断了2分钟,放松身心,理顺我的思路,然后再次集中精力于寻找正确的答案?? 这将会非常有助于你找到正确的答案,我在这次休息之后,答案开始变得逐渐清晰。

这是我最后的答案: 自觉而勇敢地生活,与爱和同情心共鸣,唤醒别人伟大的灵魂,静静地离开这个世界。



如果你想问我为什么这个简单的方法会奏效,那么在你成功的做完这个测试之前先把这个问题放一边。一旦你完成了它,你可能已经知道了为什么它会奏效的 答案。很有可能是这样的情况,如果你问10个不同的人为什么它会奏效(这些人都已经成功的完成了这个测试),你可能会得到10个不同的答案,它们都产生自 他们各自的信仰体系,每一个都反映着他们各自的思考。

显然的,如果你在得到正确答案之前放弃,这个测试将不会有任何效果。我推测将会有80%-90%的人能够在一个小时内得到正确的答案。如果你一直坚 持你的信仰,抵触这个测试,那么它可能将会需要3个小时,不过我认为这部分人会早早轻易地放弃(比如说在刚刚开始15分钟后)或者根本就不去尝试它。